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27. November 2015

Karachi emphasizes use of Iodine for healthy life

A seminar was held to create awareness among people about the importance of Iodine for a healthy life on the eve of World Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Day here on Tuesday. The moot was organized...

27. November 2015

Obsessed with seaweed? Good news for your health.

You should be getting more seaweed in your diet. That’s the takeaway from a new scientific article published in the journal Phycologia, that says it doesn’t take a lot to reap the benefits. In the...

26. November 2015

Ethiopia will build a modern salt iodization factory in Afar

Kadabba Salt Producers S.C. plans to construct modern salt, Iodization factory in Afar, Ethiopia, Capital reported. The factory, which will be constructed in Semera, capital of Afar, will cost 200...

16. November 2015

Philippines to combat smuggling of non-iodized salt

Salt iodization law enforcement will be strengthened between Cagayan Valley and the Ilocos region in the Philippines to combat the smuggling of non-iodized salt and to stop the production of non-iodized...

03. November 2015

Could iodine supplementation be the answer to low intelligence in children?

Iodine is one of several micronutrients in the diet that influence the development of the infant brain. Hence, the effects of both maternal iodine deficiency during pregnancy and iodine deficiency during ...

30. October 2015

Philippines campaigns to use iodized salt

The National Nutrition Council (NNC) 11 intensified its campaign for the use of iodized salt to counter iodine deficiency. Speaking during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City on Monday, Dr. Maria Theresa...

26. October 2015

EAPRO Workshop, 12-14 October 2015

Earlier this month, the Iodine Global Network held a Regional Workshop on “Achieving universal salt iodization for optimal iodine nutrition” in Bangkok. The three-day event was organized jointly with our...

26. October 2015

After iodine, an iron shot for salt

The double-fortified salt has cleared animal trials, with mice fed with it showing rise in haemoglobin For several years now, iodine has been a standard ingredient in common salt that we use in India....

22. October 2015

How non-profit, for-profit and government organisations cooperate for good

For-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments can all play unique and valuable roles in society. However there are certain challenges that are best addressed by cooperative ventures...

22. October 2015

The world observes Global IDD Prevention Day

Global IDD Prevention Day is celebrated each year on October 21, to raise awareness of iodine deficiency and its devastating effects on brain development. The day celebrates the tremendous global...

01. October 2015

Kazakhstan workshop recommends to consume little salt but iodized

Methods and approaches to the prevention of iodine deficiency diseases were discussed at an international conference, held on 24-25 September 2015. National coordinators of the Iodine Global Network,...

25. September 2015

Finnish food industry pledges to use iodized salt

Suomalaisilla aikuisilla on lievä jodin puutos, huomattiin FINRISKi-tutkimuksissa. Mutta lisäravinteita eikä suolan lisäämistä ei suositella. Jodi kuuluu niihin ravintoaineisiin joita ei pidä saada...

23. September 2015

Expo 2015: iodized salt for a healthy thyroid

"Only 55% of Italians buy it, let's aim for 90%', expert says" Iodized salt is the 'best ally' for a healthy thyroid, endocrinologist Dominique Van Doorne said at Expo Milano 2015. She was speaking as...

05. September 2015

'EUThyroid' initiative to kick-off in Vienna

The pan-European research initiative within the EU funding scheme Horizon 2020, called ‘EUThyroid’ will kick off in Vienna, Austria, on 7–9th September. The goal of the meeting will be to discuss the...

03. September 2015

Philippines: iodized salt campaign continues

The campaign for “Saktong Iodine sa Asin (Adequate Iodine in Salt)” continues in the Northern Mindanao province of Misamis Occidental. The United Nations’ Childrens’ Fund (UNICEF), in partnership with the...

03. September 2015

Indian 'Tata Salt' launches iodized salt fortified with iron

Tata Salt, one of the leading players in the branded iodised salt market, today announced the launch of India's first national brand of packaged iron-fortified iodized salt, Tata Salt Plus in Tamil Nadu...

30. August 2015

Pregnant women in Sweden may be iodine deficient

Pregnant women in Sweden were found to be consuming an inadequate amount of iodine in a recent study. Iodine is an element that plays a role in producing the hormones that originate in the thyroid and...

27. August 2015

Burundi signs food fortification decree

Burundi’s program took an enormous step forward with the signing of the Presidential Fortification Decree! As of March 2016, after the established grace period, fortification will be mandatory for all...

22. August 2015

Sudan: iodized salt production to start in the Red Sea State

During a visit to the Red Sea State, Sudan’s Minister of Industry Dr Abdu Daud Suleiman emphasized the important role of the salt industry within the industrial programme of economic reform. He was...

10. August 2015

UK: Pregnancy iodine pills 'good for babies and economy'

Recommending iodine supplements to all pregnant women could save the NHS money, say researchers. A study in The Lancet concluded that if all pregnant women took a daily dose, it could boost children's...


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