February 2021

IDD Newsletter

In this issue:
  • First national survey in Angola shows adequate iodine status in non-pregnant women and 74% household coverage with iodized salt
  • New salt bill in Bangladesh: a commitment to human development
  • New Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize iodine for a healthy pregnancy
  • Excess iodine intake in Colombia
  • Iodine intakes are just sufficient among pregnant women in southern Zambia
  • How salt is harvested (and iodized) from one of the saltiest lakes in the world
  • People who eat seaweed regularly may have excessive iodine intakes
  • From endemic cretinism to iodine sufficiency: the Tuva story
  • Iodine intake in older adults in South Africa and Ghana is sufficient but may be at risk from salt-reduction strategies


Meetings & Announcements:
  • Padma Shri finally catches up with Dr. Chandrakant Pandav, the ‘Iodine Man of India’
  • Dr. Werner Schultink: the new Executive Director for IGN
  • Amal Tucker Brown: the new IGN Regional Coordinator for West and Central Africa
  • Dr. Renuka Jayatissa: the new IGN Regional Coordinator for South Asia
  • In memoriam: Prof. Borislav Karanfilski

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