May 2017

IDD Newsletter

In this issue:
  • Brazil is iodine-sufficient after lowering iodine levels in salt
  • Poor rural populations often have lower access to adequately iodized salt
  • Iodine-rich groundwater, and not iodized salt, provides children and pregnant women in Djibouti with sufficient iodine
  • Mapping and tracking global food fortification efforts
  • Mozambique renews its commitment to salt iodization
  • National survey in Israel reports one of the lowest iodine intakes in the world
  • Has the UK really become iodine sufficient?
  • Can processed foods containing iodized salt contribute to dietary iodine intake?
  • Towards the elimination of IDD by 2020


In Meetings and Announcements: 
  • Eliminating iodine deficiency disorders by 2020
  • Talking about iodine deficiency during ITAW and on 10th World Thyroid Day
  • Dr. Chandrakant Pandav awarded for his life-long contribution to public health
  • Iodine in Food Systems and Health: the 1st International WIA Conference



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