August 2018

IDD Newsletter

In this issue:
  • First national study shows Jamaica is iodine sufficient
  • Sudan forges ahead to iodize more salt
  • Industry consolidation and investment to sustain USI in Tanzania
  • A landmark food fortification summit in Tanzania
  • Pregnant women in Montenegro are mildly iodine-deficient
  • Iodized salt does not cause sensory changes when used in processed foods
  • Milk and dairy do not provide sufficient iodine to pregnant women in Norway
  • FACT survey: salt iodization in Pakistan needs strengthening
  • Sea water desalination: A possible cause of iodine deficiency in Israel
  • Report from the 2018 World Salt Symposium
  • Strengthening laboratory monitoring to sustain USI in India
In Meetings and Announcements:
  • GFDx workshops on data and user-centered design for food fortification: Kyrgyz Republic, Kenya, Philippines, Nigeria, Peru
  • Iodine at Nutrition 2018
  • IGN Symposium at the 41st Annual ETA Meeting
  • Iodine symposium at the 88th American Thyroid Association Meeting


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