November 2018

IDD Newsletter

In this issue:
  • Women in Burundi have inadequate iodine intakes
  • Iodine nutrition: recent research and unanswered questions
  • Young women in Madagascar have alarmingly low iodine intakes
  • Norway: mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency in the world’s largest pregnancy and birth cohort
  • Iodine cookbook: a recipe for improved iodine intakes in the UK
  • Continued efforts are key to sustaining iodine sufficiency in Macedonia
  • Raising awareness of iodized salt in Benin
  • Bread overtakes dairy to improve iodine intake in New Zealand


In Meetings and Announcements:
  • GiveWell announces that IGN is a ‘standout’ charity for the fifth time
  • Global Fortification Data Exchange (GFDx) launched in Spanish
  • IGN advocates for iodine health in the UK
  • On World Iodine Day, “I” goes missing in the Indian Times
  • In Memoriam: Nicté Ramírez and Ma Tai



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