May 2020

Personal reminiscences of Mr. Wilfred Kimiri

Mr. Wilfred K.M. Kimiri has been a champion for salt iodization in Kenya for nearly 20 years. Starting at Kensalt as an accountant in 1999, and eventually becoming General Manager, Mr. Kimiri developed an interest in eliminating iodine deficiency in Kenya after learning about the devastating consequences the lack of iodine was having on Kenyan citizens. Although the Kenyan Ministry of Health was aware of the importance of iodine, it did not have a national program in place to support salt iodization at the time. In 2001 UNICEF approached Kensalt asking how they could help create awareness, and with the intention to increase the supply of iodized salt and eliminate iodine deficiency, the Board of Kensalt approved the allocation of funds to contribute to these efforts.

Mr. Kimiri recently reflected on his time at Kensalt and his passionate support towards the improvement of iodine nutrition as a step towards the development aspirations of the country. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Kimiri and Kensalt have spent a great deal of time and effort advocating for salt iodization and have worked together with other salt producers to address program implementation challenges faced along the way.

Mr. Kimiri’s reflections have been published in the most recent edition of the IDD Newsletter and is a testament of the profound contribution that one individual can make towards the global goal of optimal iodine nutrition.