Our Mission

Strengthening salt iodization programs

In China and East Asia, IGN has been focusing on addressing concerns around excess iodine and salt intake, while promoting the use of iodized salt. Data from the 2020 National IDD monitoring survey in China showed overall adequate iodine status of children and pregnant women, but coverage of household salt fell below 90% in six provinces. IGN conducted a survey of over 9,500 families and 6,000 students to raise awareness of the importance of iodized salt among medical students and observe household trends in iodized salt intake. In addition, IGN supported the government’s work on creating new standards for iodine levels in salt.

IGN’s Regional Coordinator for China and East Asia Qian Ming continues to monitor the progress of IDD control and promote understanding about the relationship between iodized salt and thyroid diseases among stakeholders, especially medical doctors and scientists.

Ming Qian
Regional Coordinator
East Asia and China