Regional mechanism strengthens salt iodization

In Eastern and Southern Africa, data on the iodine status of the population is inadequate in five countries and outdated in eight countries, making it difficult to address iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). IGN has been providing technical support to high-burden countries with insufficient iodine intake, such as Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Sudan.

IGN established a regional coordination mechanism to strengthen regional coordination and collaboration among universal salt iodization partners, which identifies countries requiring special support and issues necessitating a regional approach.

Under the leadership of IGN Regional Coordinator Festo Kavishe and through engagement with regional partners, IGN provides technical support and advocacy to address iodine deficiency disorders in the region and promote sustainable production and availability of quality iodized salt.

Check out the iodine status of countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.

Festo Kavishe
Regional Coordinator
Eastern and Southern Africa