Raising awareness about iodine nutrition

While both Canada and the United States are currently iodine sufficient, mild deficiency has re-emerged among pregnant women in the US over the last decade. In Canada, salt iodization was mandated in the 1940s, but iodized salt consumption is relatively low, and the iodine content of milk is not well regulated.

IGN participated in activities around the 25th anniversary of the U.S. National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) to raise awareness of the importance of iodine nutrition. IGN’s Regional Coordinator Elizabeth Pearce  continues to raise public awareness of iodine’s importance through campaigns with Kiwanis, the American Thyroid Association, and the National Dairy Council.

The iodine status of the population will continue to be monitored through assessments of household usage of iodized salt, total dietary intake of iodine, exposure to iodine uptake inhibitors, and thyroid status.

Elizabeth Pearce
Regional Coordinator
North America