Raising awareness about iodine deficiency among decision makers

Despite nationwide good levels of iodine nutrition among pregnant women in South America, local studies indicate that some groups are at risk of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). The COVID-19 pandemic delayed and downsized activities to control IDD, while inadequate salt iodization levels among small producers in the Salta region of Argentina highlight the need for strengthened monitoring.

IGN’s research in Peru revealed a lack of awareness among decision makers, health personnel, and the general public about the importance of adequate iodine nutrition for pregnant women and the brain development of infants and young children. As a result, the team has been working to raise awareness through mass communication strategies, targeting rural households and those affected by poverty, who are most at risk of IDD.

IGN continues to work towards strengthening salt iodization programs across the region, to improve iodine nutrition for all.

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Ana Maria Higa
Regional Coordinator
South America