Our Mission

Strengthening salt iodization programs

In the South East Asia region, iodine deficiency is inadequate among pregnant women in nine countries and territories, while 14 have iodine intake data from 2016 or older and 11 have no data.

IGN and the Ministry of Health supported delivery of iodine capsules to remote communities in Papua New Guinea and assessed the availability of iodized salt in the market and households. IGN also provided technical assistance in Malaysia, Timor Leste, Vietnam, and Myanmar to create guidelines on mandatory food fortification of staples.

IGN also collaborated with ASEAN to create guidelines on assessing the use of iodized salt in processed foods and to make recommendations to strengthen regulatory monitoring of industry practices.

IGN Regional Coordinator Edward Otico advocate for strengthening the salt iodization program as well as for regulation and enforcement of iodized salt in processed foods.

Check out the iodine status of countries in the South East Asia and the Pacific region.

Edward Ottico
Regional Coordinator
South East Asia and Pacific