Looking at cross-border trade across the supply chain

IGN’s work across Western and Central Africa to improve iodine intake involves technical assistance, updating national salt iodization plans, country landscape analyses, and regional workshops on Universal Salt Iodization.

Salt iodization programs in many countries had not been reviewed for several years, highlighting the need for updating strategies and management systems. IGN analyses provided an in-depth view of USI programs across the region, raising awareness of the interconnectivity of salt iodization between salt producing and salt importing countries and increasing country level engagement in USI.

In this region, the salt producing countries are Senegal and Ghana, while salt also comes from Brazil and Namibia for processing in Nigeria and Cameroon. A study on the cross-border trade and supply of iodized salt in the region has explored innovative mechanisms to track salt along the supply chain.

Check out the iodine status of countries in the Western and Central Africa region.

Amal Tucker-Brown
Regional Coordinator
Western and Central Africa