Deficiency is still a problem in Europe

IGN’s Global Scorecard points to iodine deficiency among the European population.  This is supported by research conducted by the EUthyroid consortium and funded by Horizon Europe. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy and breastfeeding is widespread, and estimates suggest that up to half of newborns are exposed to iodine deficiency.

IGN has been collaborating with the European Commission and the World Health Organization to raise awareness draw attention to the problem among policymakers and member states in Europe. A WHO report on iodine nutrition specifically addressing the situation in Europe is in progress.

IGN is a partner in the EUthyroid consortium seeking funding for further research on effective strategies to promote awareness of the problem, especially among young people.

IGN is addressing the iodine deficiency in the continent and raising awareness among policymakers and the public to promote effective strategies to improve iodine nutrition.

Check out the iodine status of countries in the Western and Central Europe region.

Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes
Regional Coordinator
Western and Central Europe